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We’re not born with a ‘get fit now ‘switch. Exercise isn’t a natural instinct and neither is reading between the lines of a food label. So, if in doubt, ask an expert! I’m not just saying this because I am a personal trainer, but rather because it’s true. You think Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson was born exactly that way?! 


A personal trainer is a private tutor – it’s an education. I will work to make you confident in the gym and capable of exercising independently for the rest of your life. I will also help improve your nutritional knowledge and diet, so that healthy and pleasurable diet becomes intuitive and stress free. At Anna Reich Personal Training each Client will train in total privacy.


Really investing in yourself is a good habit to get in to:

Give more to yourself, Give more to the world, and Get more out of it.


Personal Training with Anna Reich


£50 per hour with Anna Reich Personal Training Trainers


£55 per hour with Anna Reich 

This fee is inclusive of:

  • Total privacy. The 1000 sqr ft Studio is yours for the entire hour

  • Initial dietary analysis and recommendations

  • A one-off home workout plan if necessary

Transformation Packages

Bulk Up Package £2100:

12 weeks,3 sessions per week

Gym workout design

Full diet and nutrition support

Supplementation provided

3 Month 1-2-1 monitoring

Super Slim Down Package  £1800:

12 weeks, 3 sessions per week

Monthly home workouts

Monthly diet plan

3 Month 1-2-1 monitoring

Wedding Package  £1500:

12 week, 2 sessions per week

Full dietary support

Tailored monthly workouts

3 Month 1-2-1 monitoring

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