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Fail to Plan, Plan to Flan. I mean Fail!

As well as building a body for the competition, I’m building an personal training studio in Cardiff. (Somewhere to showcase my trophy?! If not a trophy, my hair extensions and vaneers), so I pop back there most weekends to attempt some project managing. One of the builders is called “Boa” as in “Constrictor”, not “Feather” as I inquired : ) Anyway…

There are challenges when you venture outside this abnormal-normal routine. It is harder to “stay strong” and to be accurate with your macros (Proteins, Carbs and Fats). I had ordered some scales to weigh my food but they hadn’t arrived, so I asked my sister to pick some up for me. She was restricted at the time to purchasing a budget pair which clearly didn’t appreciate the importance of what I asked of them. It’s like they were afraid of seeing what they weighed. My sis had bought (herself) some Lizzies Granola.I love this sh*t. So much!! I had some. Then I hid it behind the kitchen door and then, of course, I found them again and so on… Luckily, my knight in shining armour stepped in. He gently took the pouch from my quacking hands, picked up a bowl, took the milk from the fridge and dealt with it.

There were challenges in changing your training venues too. My glute and hamstring workout has to be my very best because this is, as you know, the area I’m struggling with the most. The workout is a simple, hard and heavy one: Super-set: Leg Curl & Stiff Leg Deadlifts followed by Barbell Glutes Thrust & Dumbbell Walking Lunges. In this gym that I use in Cardiff, the equipment in both Super Sets were at opposite ends of the gym so young bucks kept taking my bars… hopping on the leg curl whilst I was deadlifting over yonder… I got incredibly stressed and having tried a new pre workout – became very red and veiny.

The last challenge was daring to ask Dad, thesp and archetypal chef, if I can weight my portions. I dined out on his salmon and potatoes for 20 mins, he dined out on this ridiculousness for hours and kept joking about “Definitely not using much rapeseed oil to bake the potatoes… [NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK]”

Really, it seems the only was to secure success is to carry scales with you and be the host.

So, if you’re going to do this, I suggest:

  • Tell everyone how it’s going to be for the next 12 weeks and be honest about how important it is to you

  • If you’re going to travel ensure you have the right tools and provisions with you / waiting for you there

  • Recognise when you’re wavering and curb it asap

There’s loads more to consider and I will impart with it, but this is what stuck me this weekend.

Tomorrow is my second Posing Bootcamp session – a much more interesting blog topic!

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