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What got me through my 9 month stretch...

My commitment to health and fitness has paid huge dividends throughout this pregnancy. I trained until WK 37 which kept my endorphins up and carb loading weight off (specifically: Chelsea Buns and Custard Slices)… By now, I've put on just under 7kg of baby and about 4.5/5kg of pastry. I worked until WK 38 which kept boredom at bay and pay in the “yay” zone… I have no stretch marks and no swollen ankles which absolutely could be genetics, but is undoubtedly helped by the fact I have a strong circulation and well-fed skin. I didn’t once wee myself unexpectedly (whilst I was pregnant. But there was that time when Ricky Whittle said "Hello"), due to my steely pelvic floor. Good pregnancies and speedier recoveries don’t exclusively belong to fitness folk, I know, but I’m not going to be shy about saying: It will definitely boost your chances of having them.

ANYWAY, if you’re considering having a baby, or maybe it’s too late… congrats! [thumbs up] - these are the other sources of pregnancy pain relief I wouldn’t go without if he bought me another handbag and got me drunk again. (Jokes)

  1. Nike Vintage Joggers: Second to being braless or being in my pyjamas, these slack, stylish, hip hippedie-hip-hop joggers are the most comfortable things EVERRR! They also keep me looking enviably young and ‘street’ for someone about to become a Muva.

  1. Hoover handy-vac: Can’t bend over, won’t bend over… With a studio to clean and the overwhelming need to 'nest' possessing me in the third trimester, this love affair has shocked the world (my boyfriend and my dog) through being in my hand more than my iPhone. Does it need cleaning? No? Don’t care.

  1. Espadrilles: As opposed to garlic crushing my baby trying to tackle laces, slipping on this style of footwear feels like an Olympic gold. Probs.

  1. Food Blender: Eyes are definitely bigger than the belly when pregnant (stomach gets squished by expanding baby) but the need for nutrients is great, so being able to compress a meal into something more digestible is a huge relief. Blend dark greens and cooked chicken for a protein and iron rich soup, then berries with yogurt, berries and apricots for a pudding like version. (See Fruits for my Labour blog for more info on pregnancy nutrition)

  2. Stairs: As I’ve alluded to in previous posts, training has been a battle on many fronts and it all ended about week 36. However, all is not lost: Baby brain allows you to forget why you left one room to go to another ALL DE FEKIN TIME so you will naturally have the opportunity to utilise your stairs more often. To maximise on this blessing in heavy disguise, I often took two steps at a time to up the aerobic element and work le glutes more. Sometimes I went up on my calfs and did a few raises on the last step.

  3. NCT: Whatever you get out of it material wise is insignificant if you’re as fortunate as I am in having found an amazing group of girls to banter with throughout the final few months and thereafter. We WhatsApp every day to make sure that “this leak is normal…” and “that the swelling does go down afterwards…” We also do brunch a lot and help normalise #BabesOutBoobsOut together. Speaking of boobs...

  1. BOOBS: This may not be relevant to you if you’ve always had ‘em, but I’ve waited 30+ years for mine and I relish the back pain and extra momentum going down stairs. They delight me every day.

So, there you have it: MY Must Haves as a Mother to Be. Hope they help you as they have done me, but each to her own remember - especially with regards to espadrilles I'm told...

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