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The Bad Body Beautiful

I wanted to write this blog based on a new and utterly tragic statistic. I felt panicked by it: The number of hospital admissions across the UK for teenagers with eating disorders has nearly doubled in the last three years, according to the NHS.

Not that I am particularly showy with my body in comparison to many accounts, but I’m really worried that there is a young boy or girl being negatively influenced by my obsession with health, fitness and physique. I’m not an expert in anorexia, bulimia or any other illness linked to low body confidence but I’m not a stranger to them either. I have encountered issues in my own life and in the life of some of my Clients. So, if there is any person feeing low about the way they look, I’d like to say:

* Whatever you think of my body – it is / I am far from perfect. I like it, but the body I have does has not and will never make my life perfect and if you think “life will get easier the fitter/slimmer I get” you’re wrong. Perfection is subjective (no single kind) so is an impossible dream to chase… Alternatively, I suggest: Don’t Strive for Perfection – Strive for Definition! It worked for me. Once you stop torturing yourself through over exercising and/or extreme dieting, and focus on the art of smart exercise – the better. You won’t believe how much lighter you feel when you let go of your flogging whip!

* I can’t stop discussing my industry and showing pictures of my progress because I need to reach the consumer like any other product in existence, and I believe my product is good. It’s certainly well-meaning. It’s a healthy obsession, all things considered, and I encourage every man, woman and child to exercise and eat well and be proud of the results and show them off, if they want to

* Having said the above, you won’t see me taking aerial shots of my abs so that you can also get and eyeful (ish) my boobs. That’s sexualisation of women. End of. I won’t hide my boobs or cover them up in shame or embarrassment, but I won’t confuse the issue for you either: I’m promoting getting fit, not turning on men. (Again, nothing wrong with the latter, on a different platform) If I’ve worked hard on my abs and it shows, I probably will have to bore you with a picture of them BUT along with instructions on how to DIY. Don’t be inspired by pictures that aren’t really there to inspire you – reference to my comment re pics to turn guys on

* The thing that I delight in the most is the fact that when I weight train, my hard work shows (which in other instances of life, isn’t always the case). Each increased line and indentation on my body is down to me and me alone. So, if you suffer from any kind of anxiety with regards to your body, I seriously recommend lifting weights because the notable increases in strength and physical changes will really give you such a real sense of pride in yourself. It’s a ripple effect: You become physically stronger, then mentally stronger, until the anxiety has been pushed overboard

* I encourage people to lose weight if they’re overweight and I encourage people to put on weight if they’re underweight. I believe you’ll be happiest when your body is in proper working order – this can’t happen if you’re doing it under duress

* My business is about the body – beautiful as a result of lots of hard work and good nutrition. I don’t starve, I don’t over exercise but I eat really well and sometimes tactically and train hard. This leaves me feeling at my best – just right

So, if you don’t want to do battle with yourself for another minute, get yourself some help. Many doctors’ surgeries have affiliations with therapists of all kinds, all there for you, so make yourself an appointment. Speaking specifically about a group of individuals I know somewhat about, Personal Trainers, I know a good one can really help refocus your body obsession by offering you a fitness education. Find a trainer who inspires physically and who you can trust with your issues. You don’t have to commit to the first one because remember, you are in total control. #MusclesNotMayhem

Lots of love, Anna x

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