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Winter work-out, indoors

It’s raining, it’s poring… but you still need to exercise!

Learning the hard way apparently builds strength of character. The kind of character that’s less easily defeated by adversities. Let’s apply this theory to exercise: It’s cold, wet, windy so… Get some waterproof running gear and out of that door you go!

Step It Up: Whenever you need to use the stairs in the house, go up and down them once, twice more just for exercise sake. Stepping calls upon your gluts, quads, calves, hamstrings and even arms if you pump them vigorously enough. Fat burn and toning. Keep your body upright and drive away with those heals from step-to-step. Take two steps at a time for a bigger work-out and faster results!

Making coco: Making coco for your buddies (green tea for you!) will not only give you the feel good factor but it will also tone your derrière and calves IF you: Hold on to the counter raise one heel up at a time, keeping the tippy toes planted the entire time (like a trot!), body nice and tall. Every now and again, raise both heels and hold for 5 seconds and come back down. Keep going until the kettle is boiling and your calves are one fire!

Make more coco: Hold on to the counter, laterally raise your left leg (nice and straight with pointed foot), lower, then repeat with the right leg. This great for shaping the thighs and creating those nice dents on the side of your bottom.

Sofasize: Grip onto the sides of your sofa / chair (either side of your bottom), tighten your core muscles, breathe in and then slip your bottom off, elbows close and pointing directly behind you staying close to the sofa. Then, whilst exhaling, push thorough your palms until your bottom is level with the sofa again. This is working the back of your arms (triceps), your shoulders and your core

Sofasize 2: Bunny Hops: Hold on to the side of the sofa, hands shoulder width apart. Jump, with legs together, from left to right, landing softly on the balls of your feet but squatting low so you can power a nice, high jump.

Cardio out of the cold: You don’t need a lot of space to get your heart rate up so to crack on with some decent cardio in the discomfort of your own home… Jog on spot, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, skipping, crunches, lunges

CONSIDER THIS: KEEP THE WINDOW OPEN: According to a University of Utah study reported on by the New York Times, basal metabolic rate (calories you burn at rest) does increase slightly in colder temperatures as the effort to stay warm requires more work from your body. Keep the window open for better c-c-calorie burn! : )

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