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The right petrol from the best source will always make you run better…

The right nutrition is essential for optimal health.

Unless I have a shoot, or if I were competing, I cut my carbs down-to-out a few weeks in advance of the event, but generally speaking, my diet consists of:

  • Protein: Turkey mince, lean beef mince, chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt

  • Complex carbs: Oats, brown rice, sweet potato and lots of veg (mainly green)

  • Fats: Nuts, oily fish, avocado, various meat

Below is a sample of a week’s eatin’…


Breakfast Omelette (1 egg, 2 x whites), 5 walnuts, Fresh coffee,splash of milk

Snack Greek yogurt with protein powder & 8 blueberries

Lunch Salmon fillet, edamame bean salad

Snack Cottage cheese and carrots

Dinner Turkey chilli mince in lettuce wraps, sliced peppers too


Breakfast Pret’s 5 Grain Porridge, strawberry whey protein isolate Fresh coffee, splash of milk

Snack REAL ham slices, 5 almonds

Lunch Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce on rye toast and green salad

Snack Boiled egg

Dinner Griddled chicken, tenderstem broccoli, super seed mince lettuce wraps

Turkey burger with sprouts, beetroot and feta salad

Protein pancakes with Greek yogurt and fresh coffee

Chilli Beef Mince Lettuce Wraps

As I mentioned, when my goals change, my diet is adapted but he quality of the food (clean, as nature intended) remains the same – and I never go hungry! I also drink a lot of water, green tea, eat fruit early on and take quite a few supplements to support and further my particular exercise regime, but I’ll go in to all that another time!

If you’d like me to create a bespoke week’s food diary for you, please email. The price is £50 and is inclusive of: Analysis of a week’s food diary, a shopping list and further tips on how and when to eat certain foods in order to maximize their health benefits and your fitness goals.

Exercise programs for home and gym, as well as larger nutritional plans are also available.

Bon appetite!


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