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What is the perfect bikini body?

Daily Mail, Femail, today: Can you really get a perfect bikini body in just EIGHT weeks? Read Article

I enjoyed this article, apart from one thing…

Firstly, the positives: The article chose real women with real weaknesses and obstacles that can make fitting in exercise, hard. Unlike some celebs who can portion off a much bigger amount of time and money to spend on training and nutrition – thus naturally, making it look easier than it really is.

What this article showed was that:

A) It’s hard work. You have to make sacrifices, but it’s worth it in the end

B) It improves your mood, your outlook on life as well as your inner health and outward appearance

C) PERSONAL TRAINING MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! You learn a skill for life: Nutrition and the art of exercise

What I didn’t particularly like… The title: “Perfect” implies that there is specifically one kind of bikini perfect body. Having assessed some people’s reaction to the Protein World furore , some may say that I’m reading too much in to this (although FYI, the word “perfect” wasn’t used in this particular advert and I thought the model’s physique was lovely. Not skinny, not overweight, so a pretty good representation of what healthy might look like), but I don’t believe I am…

Words have meaning and humans are influenced by words, consciously or, to those who suspect they’re too savvy to fall mug to advertising, subconsciously too

Generally, the younger the person (reading the Daily Mail article, for example), the more literal the interpretation of a word will be, so we should be more careful of the words we choose when addressing the masses. Maybe it’s no “biggie” but that’s just my opinion. If I could rewrite the title it would go something like this: Bring on the bikini! 8 week’s to go… I feel this conveys that it is daunting and can be a battle, but clearly it’s possible – otherwise the piece wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be here pursuing a career in teaching morality!

The perfect bikini body is a body you don’t have to think about. Yes, I’m being a huge hypocrite because I think about my body all the time, but then I really like it (my body) and because I serve it well, it will serve me well in return. This is a weight off my mind as much as anywhere else.

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