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I’m still not hungry…bum tad bigger…posing less awkward!

So posing is getting there…

I’m two weeks out as of Monday and I’m feeling… quite OK! I’ve finally been allowed to cut my calories from 2200 to 1850 (again, this is still high for the norm but my metabolism is NOT normal! I’m NOT showing off. Yet…) No more sinking oats and eggs (aka Gruel) before bed like a fois gras fated goose!

However, to balance things out there was of course some terrible news to accompany the calorie drop… I was told to eliminate dairy from my diet. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and whey protein powder (chocolate, strawberry and pecan pie… all gone! The one semblance of a treat, reminiscent of beloved Pudding – stripped away from me like a pre-contest wax. Gutted. DEVASTATED! Cutting dairy isn’t for everyone and there’s plenty of reasons to keep it in (fat is an essential macro nutrient for fat loss and contains calcium for bones and muscle health…) but as I am ingesting plenty of broccoli, kale and spinach and taking calcium supplements, I’m going to err on the side of caution and cut it while I gently lean out. (Gently because I am naturally, constantly lean)

My training is this:

  • Monday: AM Chest & Biceps AM, PM 1 x set of hamstring curls & Cardio (always 40 mins LSD)

  • Tuesday: Quads

  • Wednesday: Body Conditioning (weighted circuits, 1 hour) (will upload these shortly. Whacked one below)

  • Thursday: AM Back and Triceps, Cardio PM

  • Friday: AM Shoulders, PM 1 x set of hamstring curls & Cardio

  • Saturday: Hamstrings

  • Sunday: Cardio

* My hamstrings are my slowest growers now so giving them some extra attention

* Still doing my ‘feeder exercises’ for the glutes EVERY night: Glute thrusts, air squats, Brazilian Butt-Lifts

My diet is like this:

  • 1850 cals per day, every day. No difference on leg day now

  • Protein: White fish, chicken, turkey, quorn, egg-WHITES

  • Carbs: Rice, sweet potato, oats

  • Veg: Cabbage, broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale, butternut squash

  • Snacks: Rice cakes, almonds. (I’m eating 6 times per day so not much time or room for snacks!)

  • Gallon of water, lots of herbal teas (you can get caramel and chocolate flavor!!!!!)

  • No: dairy, no red meat

My supps be like this:

  • BCAAs

  • Super Omegas

  • Glutamine

  • Super Vitamins

  • Liver 52

So, that’s me in lonely nutshell. When it’s 10 days out, there will be further and much more drastic changes and thus, a blog.

Here’s one of my body conditioning circuits for ya (they help polish everything up)

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