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Suck it in! Stick it out! Smile!

So, apart from carving out a perfectly symmetrical and muscular body with painstakingly crafted training sessions and tackling daily mathematical conundrums in how to fit my macros (fats, carbs and proteins) in to a specific calorie allowance (It’s like University Challenge + Groundhog Day!)… I also have to learn how to look strong, confident and more muscular than I really am by ‘popping’ and emphasising muscles through the medium of POSE. I should ignore the bikini bottom covering only half my bum which I know I’ll be dying to tug on in an effort pull over the rest of it! I should look happy and relaxed whilst jutting my left hip to the audience then twisting my right shoulder forward AND tilting my bum up-up-UP! It’s the hardest part of the entire preparation, to date.

I am taking posing / walking lessons with the utterly delightful, sweet and efficient Lisa Welham, a WBFF Pro herself, and if you ever walk in my enormously embellished shoes, I would drop her a line – because I realise that this is the thing that showcases your hardwork to (hopefully) maximum effect and sets you apart in the eye of the judges.

I’ve had two lessons thus far. It was weird, awkward, fascinating, painful and well worth it! Here’s a visual account of both:

Posing Practice, 8th March, 12 weeks out – Take 1…

Upper bod fine for 11 weeks out, starting to see some quads but bottom not plump enough. MUST EAT MORE realisation! I upped my legs day cals to 1850 on this day… In a nutshell, too slim still.

There are many poses to chose from. This one doesn’t emphasise my better upper bod, nor my legs. It will not be my pose on the day. I’ll save it for da club!

21 March, Posing Practice, 10 weeks out – Take 2…

Legs bulkier (yay!) and bottom a bit less shy. Starting to see the ‘tear-drop’ shape above the knee

I’m far happier with this pic than my face conveys. My delts (shoulder caps) look good and whether it’s my hip mobility exercises and feeder exercises (pre-bed exercises to maximise on increased night time testosterone levels) that are doing it – my bottom really is growing [pray pose!].

My favourite pose! I call it the: What audience honey? pose. Calves working. Bum has widened (still needs lifting) and back, happy as per with my back.

Session no. 3 is next week and I am practicing as much as possible around the flat. Worried the other half is becoming desensitised to me in hoochie heels and skimpies…

I’m not going in to ‘The Smile’ right now because I haven’t chosen one yet. Him indoors laughed at one of them (to be fair, it was an all mouth and no eyes one) which resulted in me fleeing like drunk Bambie in to the bedroom and unsuccessfully kicking off my shoes because my feet were too swollen.

If you think I’m hamming all this up, I’m not and you can just #SaShayAway

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